Convert RAW photos to JPG in OSX

I’ve been going through my photo collection and discovered I have gigabytes of photos stored as RAW (.ORF files for my Olympus camera). In some cases these photos are great and need some fine tuning to really make them shine but the majority of them are just snapshots and don’t benefits from having a 15MB version of themselves stored in my Dropbox forever. I don’t want to delete them but I only want to keep the JPG versions.

In some cases, I obviously had the JPG + RAW option on so it’s just a matter of deleting the RAW versions that don’t need to be there but in other folders I must have only shot in RAW so need to convert them to JPG files. There are some online converters but I have hundreds or thousands of 15MB RAW files so I don’t think uploading them all is a good idea.

Apparently MacOS/OSX has a great built-terminal tool called sips, that will convert RAW files to jpegs, as well as other options. To do a whole folder, just open Terminal, navigate to the folder of RAW photos that you want to convert and run the following command:

for i in *.ORF; do sips -s format jpeg $i --out "${i%.*}.jpg"; done

This will create a JPG version of each of your photos and you can choose to delete the RAWs if you’d like.

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